What else am I going to do with my time?

So I thought I would start a blog.

Why? You ask.

I’m not an expert at parenting, far from it. Yes, I have two little beastlies (Bear and Bunni) but that in itself does not qualify one as ‘master of the mini-ones’. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’m a distinctly average Mum, in every sense. So why start a blog?

I love writing and I mean love it. From creative writing, which is one of my great loves to writing to-do lists, or even just scrawling my name with a new pen. I love it, despite not being very good at it. I love it almost as much as I love being a Mum, although nothing compares (in the highs and the lows) to Motherhood. Whether you’re a birth mother, adoptive mother or step mother. It is an incredible job and an absolute privilege, even in those moments when you are doubting your sanity and cannot possibly answer one more question about a stone.

So I thought why not combine these two loves in the form of a blog. A place where I can ramble on to my hearts content about that time my (then) two year old made me say hello to a dog poo on the street or the moment I vomited all over myself in the bath, thanks to morning (and all day and all night) sickness.* On both occasions, I can vividly remember thinking, ‘I didn’t imagine I’d be doing this when I had kids, but ok, hello Mr dog poo’.

Now this may not be eye-opening content, in fact I can guarantee that it won’t be. It’s merely the contents of my fluffy brain and it feels somewhat cathartic to see it spilling out onto a page (yes, this was handwritten first, because I’m old school) in some sort of coherent fashion. Therapy for my semi-frazzled brain.

Maybe it’s a space for oversharing – a common side effect of Motherhood. I mean, who knew that after you’ve had a baby you’d think it was totally acceptable, nay, necessary, to tell the pregnant lady you just met in Costa about how you were sewn front to back after having your first baby. Just because she smiled at you. Surely this overshare of information was a public service? People need to know it all. The things nobody tells you.

Motherhood has taken me from shy and retiring to that woman who overshares all the time and whilst the recipient of my waffle may not always welcome it, I’m hoping that these posts will be of some use to someone, somewhere. Because pregnancy, labour and motherhood are shrouded in a kind of mystery. So much is kept secret. SO much goes unsaid. Did you know that a newborn girl can have a period? Neither did I until my Niece was born and I feel like that’s a little nugget of info us new mum’s need.

I hope that this blog, basic and waffley (new word) as it is, will open up Pandora’s box (ahem, no pun intended) to those who want to explore the insane and fantastic adventure that is Motherhood with me. But if tales of dog poo and mental images of me naked and covered in vomit, are not for you, I’ll totally understand.

See you chaps,

Ella aka Dolly Daydream

* note: there’s plenty more gems like this to come*

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