Gosling v Reynolds.

It sounds like a precedent in law, doesn’t it? Maybe it is. But in the context of my insignificant blog, it’s a recurring debate between The Bearded Manc and I.

Who is better looking, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

Looking at that picture of them both shirtless, it’s virtually impossible to say but for various reasons, The Bearded Manc would argue that Reynolds is the better looking man. In his words, Gosling is a bit ‘funny looking’ and I must concede that he is kind of right. Gosling isn’t necessarily the best looking of the two if you want to be all scientific about it. His face isn’t symmetrical. But who cares about symmetry? I certainly don’t.

What The Bearded Manc fails to understand is that what is ‘attractive’ to me, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with looks. I don’t care about crooked noses or wonky teeth. For me, somebody is attractive for so much more than the way their features sit on their skull.

The things I like about Gosling (other than the obvious), are the same things I love about The Bearded Manc.

1). CHEEKINESS. I’m first and foremost drawn to people who are a bit cheeky. Not ‘take the p*ss with money and always being late’ cheeky, but wry smiles, sarcasm and silly jokes. I like people who don’t take life too seriously. I also like people with a dark sense of humour. If you find Cards Against Humanity offensive, we ain’t gonna get along. This is The Bearded Manc all over, and I love it. Mostly, though there are times I could kill him.

2). ARMS. Strong arms are my favourite physical attribute. Who doesn’t like a nice pair of arms? Especially heavily tattooed ones. It’s primal, I know, but to me they represent security, safety, comfort and protection. They also come in pretty handy when moving house or shifting large bits of furniture. But I blame my obsession with arms on Dirty Dancing. Like most girls my age (35), I always wanted to be Baby and find a dude who could do the lift (you know the one I mean). Like Gosling can (did I mention I love him?) although to be fair Emma Stone must be very light, he probably couldn’t lift me. Maybe pre-babies we could’ve made it work.

3). MUSIC LOVER. Unfortunately, The Bearded Manc cannot play an instrument. It’s a shame because I always thought I was going to end up with a long-haired drummer. Alas, it wasn’t the case, but his passion for music is what first got us talking when we met at work. He’d noticed a couple of band tees I’d worn and so copied the latest album by The Strokes and casually slipped it into my hand saying, ‘you might like this’ before skulking off without another word – too cool for school. Our combined love of music is the thread that is constant between us and we will never be too old to enjoy it together.

So Gosling or Reynolds is really a moot point. I already have my dude and while we may not be able to do the lift (despite The Bearded Manc’s insistence that he could), we do dance together and will continue to do so for as long as we are able. That for me is what it’s all about.

That being said….Mr Gosling, you beautiful wonky faced specimen of MAN, if you’re reading this, you are on my laminated list of ‘celebrities it’s acceptable to cheat with’, so holla at me with a ‘hey girl’.

Who is on your laminated list?

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  1. I think being friends and being able to make each laugh are far and away more important than looks. Though if pushed, Aidan Turner (Poldark) is particularly attractive.


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