Mummy needs a minute, I’m taking it on the loo,

But you’re at the door, you found me and apparently you need to poo!

Mummy needs a minute or maybe two or three,

I know, I know, separation is hard, but…what about me?

Mummy needs a minute, actually I could do with five,

because grown ups need looking after too for a happy family to thrive.

Mummy needs a minute, in all honesty I need ten,

because if I don’t, it’s highly likely that I’ll snap at you again.

Mummy needs a minute, in fact I’ll need twenty,

I know it seems like a long time apart but you’ve had kisses and cuddles aplenty.

Mummy needs a minute, I would secretly like an hour.

Once my brain has had a rest, my attention is yours to devour.

Mummy needs a minute, or could I ask for one whole day?

To shake it off and lighten the load so I can come back ready to play.

Mummy needs a minute, it’s so hard to ask for space,

how could anyone ever need a moment away from that wonderful little face?

But don’t worry my babies, it’s only one little minute.

Think of all the fun and naughty things you can get up to in it.

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