There are so many articles out there about motivation, with quick tips and real, practical suggestions about how you can ‘find your mojo’ and keep hold of it.

•5 tips to a more productive you

• 7 steps to taking control

• 10 ways to boost productivity

• Get the right work/life balance

The tips are usually manageable and realistic, broken down into small, achievable goals which should be relatively easy for the average person to follow and implement. Suggestions like:

• Go outdoors. Take a walk and breathe in some fresh air.

• Take a break from social media. Talk to real human beings.

• Change your environment; set up camp in a park or a library or Starbucks.

• Plan ahead; schedule your work/me time/family time.

• Go to the beach; take in the magnitude of the ocean.

Good advice and simple enough, right? However, I seem to lack the basic tools required to set in motion these small changes to my life/work/head.

I’m a wanderer, a daydreamer.

If I head to the ocean for inspiration, I get lost in time.

If I look to the stars, I’m mesmerised.

When I go for a walk, I come back knackered.

When it comes to penning a post for this blog, my motivation usually comes in the form of a half baked idea, a cup of tea and Netflix. I can’t relax in total silence, I’m actually a lot more calm and productive with a bit of background noise – what does that say about my brain? Any psychologist out there want to wade in on my head?

So, I sit down to write and then

• Spend approx thirty minutes looking for something to (not) watch on tv; it needs to be something I’m not interested in.

• A further ten minutes sorting out a cup of tea.

• Hang out the washing before it has to be re-washed – is there anything more annoying?

• FaceTime with the best ones (to catch up on all the things we only ever tell one or two people).

You get the gist. I’m not one of those super pumped women, who gets up at 5am to fit in a run before starting the day, with lots of stuff on her schedule, yet still manages to look relaxed and full of energy. I wish I was – hats off to you ladies, you’re awesome.

That being said, since setting myself the task of starting a weekly blog in November, I have not missed a single post and while I’m not going to be setting the world on fire with my content, I’m still proud of what I’ve done.

Meanwhile, I am trying to grow my Instagram account (Dolly Daydreams Diary) which takes a lot of patience and engagement on a daily basis. As well as setting up and establishing a Mum network in my local area (The Happy Mumdays Club), focusing on breaking the isolation of Motherhood and building a community of local babes.

So maybe I’m not quite as lacking in motivation as I think? Sure, I have only set myself a couple of very small targets, but who says they have to be big? I have no grandiose plans for my life, I just want to live happily.

Not everyone who shoots for the stars is trying to catch the Sun, some of us just want to get a glimpse of theMoon’s effervescence.

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