Christmas is cancelled!

Ok, not Christmas – I’m being very dramatic – but this weekends plans, which I had been so looking forward to that it felt like Christmas.

We drove all the way from Manchester to London on Friday, with the intention of seeing family and friends on Saturday before I headed off to a baby shower on Sunday.

Saturday morning rolled around and I started to feel off, gradually getting worse until I realised that there was no way I could be more than 2 foot from a toilet and therefore had to cancel plans with friends. I had hoped to be better for the baby shower on Sunday but no, that got cancelled too so we basically drove 200 miles in order that I could throw up (and worse) in someone else’s toilet (sorry Mum!).

We got up on Sunday morning and as soon as I felt ready to tackle the car journey, we scarpered. I needed to be in my own home, with my own loo. Do you know what I mean?

It was however, the first time since becoming a Mum that I got to be ill properly. I just went to bed and let the other adults deal with everything. There was plenty of adults on hand.

While I was feeling rotten and extremely sorry for myself in bed, I could hear my babies playing with their cousins in the garden, squealing with delight and giggling their heads off, chasing one another in and out of the smallest paddling pool you’ve ever seen. They had the best day ever.

I hate to have to cancel plans and I was really disappointed I couldn’t get a cuddle with the ‘bump’, but the silver lining was that my little ones got to enjoy such good family time with their cousins, something they don’t get nearly enough of because of distance.

Every cloud.

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