I have doubts

I have fears

I have shed so many tears.

I feel sadness

I feel joy

I created a girl and a boy.

I gave life

I raise life

I am somebodies wife.

I have strength

I am resilient

I am, at times, brilliant.

I sometimes fail

I sometimes shine

I hold fiercely onto what is mine.

I dislike

I don’t hate

I listen out for fate.

I believe in karma

I try to be good

I’m happy wandering in the wood.

I am fury

I am a friend

I am love which knows no end.

I am curly hair and bad teeth

I am stupidly optimistic and filled with belief.

I’m a Mother

I’m a girl

I am a sacred pearl.

I’m luminescent

I am drab

I have lots and lots of flab.

I am young

I am old

I am more than all my folds.

I am soft

I am strong

I am right where I belong.

I am with you

I am for you

I am kneeling here before you.

I will sacrifice

I will give

I will build a safe home for you to live.

I am my scars, they are me

I am not as meek as you perceive me to be.

I am protection

I am vulnerable

I am every version of Mr Tumble.

I am me

I am yours

I am everything I was before, plus more.

I am trauma

I am loss

I am learning to be my own boss.

I am for Women

I’m for the girls

I’m hoping to see a new world.

I mean no when I say it

I won’t back down

I will not be disrespected, that’s how I keep my crown.

I will raise him gentle and her to be brave

I will teach them they can’t have everything they crave

I will show them humility and how to love right

I will show them the warmth of my love through cold nights

I will be Mummy and me and her and she

I will be whatever I want to be.

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