Remember when I did that blog piece a couple of weeks ago about us not being ready for festivals? Well guess where we’ve been today?

That’s right, a festival.

Guess what else?

It was bloody brilliant.

I should state right at the top, that the festival we went to is one that takes place at the cricket club behind our house and is therefore both most conveniently located and also very small.

Flixton Festival is a great one for locals. It’s cheap as chips (under 5s are free and you can buy a family ticket for any four people for about £20), hosts some fab local food vendors and on days as wet as today, the party didn’t stop because you either drink through it or (if like us, you had a small family with you so being totally hammered wasn’t an option) went inside the cricket club itself.

Arctic Monkeys. Who?

Chemical Brothers. Who?

Kanye. Eh?

You won’t find the big names, but what you will find is local and regional acts who know their stuff and deserve a bigger platform for their music. I love watching seasoned pro’s alongside the up & coming young talent, earning their stripes.

It’s so family friendly, with plenty of activities (free and paid) for the kids, including a kids disco, and more than enough loo’s on hand.

Graceful as ever, Bear.

The weather was horrendous today, seriously, it was awful. It absolutely poured with rain from the moment we got up, until we finally decided to bite the bullet and set off, to hell with getting wet. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the revellers, who were there to enjoy themselves in spite of the wonderfully typical Mancunian weather. People brought their own gazebos and chairs and set up little pop up tents, in order that the show may go on. We on the other hand opted for wellies and raincoats and dancing because we had nothing to sit on (or under) that could accommodate all eight of us comfortably.

Pretty In Pac-a-Mac

I’m so many ways though, I’m glad we didn’t have a comfy tent to hide in. We got a bit wet, so what? We danced. We played. We chased – there’s a lot of chasing with four children aged 1 – 4 in tow. But it was all the more fun for it. The kids loved being a bit wet and stomping about in their wellies, eating ice cream as big as their heads and way too many free sweets from one of the local vendors.

Foot High Whippy’s

I’m almost (don’t shoot me), glad it wasn’t boiling hot. I know we’re not supposed to say that and ordinarily I would agree, but in some ways it made the day more bearable. I didn’t have to worry about slapping factor 50 on my little snowdrops every half hour and they wasn’t knackered from sun stroke.

It’s not Glastonbury or Camp Bestival but it’s enough for us right now. I felt completely at ease that my children were safe and in sight at all times, while still being able to afford them quite a bit of freedom. I can’t imagine feeling as comfortable with that at the bigger events and that’s ok, because there’s no rush to get there.

All in all, it was a fantastic day filled with lots of giggles, a cheeky bit of fizzybubbula for Mummy and the best company.

Thanks for having us Flixton Festival. Same time next year?

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