Social media.

Most of us use it, the majority of us obsess over it. I personally spend way too much time scouring Instagram and Pinterest.

I’m the curious kind, I always have been. Social media allows me to get a glimpse of other people’s lives, wardrobes, homes, ideals. Other world’s.

I’m fascinated by people and how they behave – perhaps I should have become a psychiatrist – so seeing the little highlights (and low-lights) of other people’s lives is intriguing.

I’m interested in what people choose to share about themselves and how.

In the most part, people share the highs. They portray themselves in their best light. Photos where they look their best, with multiple retakes discarded. Images of families that look utterly perfect and houses that are swoon worthy and opulent.

But some people find it upsetting and difficult to see another persons life portrayed so perfectly.

I’ve read comments and posts from people who find it not only difficult to engage with those kinds of ‘perfect life’ accounts but who actually feel that it negatively affects their own lives.

They see social media as a yard stick against which they measure and compare themselves and often come up short, or at least feel as though they do. More likely, they sit on the middle of the rule with the rest of us. Most of us are more average than we like to think and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s comfy in the middle. Cosy even.

I try to keep my own Instagram feed honest, but I am never going to be somebody who sl@gs off her kids online. I don’t want something like that on record for all of eternity.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids aren’t perfect. They’re as close as damn it, but even my gorgeous angels are not beyond reproach. They do things I don’t like on a daily basis and they drive me to distraction more often than I’d like, but I’m not about to publicise all the sh@t things they do. Can you imagine finding a written record of all the things you ever did wrong or ways in which you p@ssed someone off? Written by your Mum no less.

I try to ensure that my blog and posts reflect the fact that we’re a pretty normal family. Boring in fact. I trust that people who follow me (all 12 of you), understand that me and my family are human and as humans we are perfectly imperfect. I also assume that you know that my kids will do bad things sometimes, because they’re children. It’s par for the course.

So you won’t find photo after photo of my kids behaving poorly or rants about how rubbish Motherhood can be. What you will find is photos of us smiling (mostly) because that’s what makes me happy and when I look back at my feed, that’s what I want from it.

I certainly don’t need a photographic reminder of one or other child’s tantrum, because I can assure you that it will be carved into my brain. Along with the inevitable parental guilt that goes with any childhood infraction and the ensuing reprimand.

I try to keep my blog human and relatable whilst still positive and mildly humorous. Please don’t ever look at us and think we have it all. We don’t. We have each other and that’s enough. That’s what makes me happy on the good days and the bad days, so please excuse me if I share more sunshine than darkness.

In summary, social media is what ever you want it to be. Find the accounts that make you smile. Unfollow the accounts that make you feel less somehow. Don’t believe the squares. They are somebody’s photo album, that’s all; create your own and manage your feed so that it brings you nothing but positivity and joy.

They’re just squares.

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  1. I’ve been waying the pros and cons of having a Instagram account for awhile now. Almost deleting then I hold back because of the very reason you delve in to Instagram and pinterest (which I also have hehe). There’s a massive community out there that share their tips and tricks in order for us to either take note of or implement in our own lives. And I’m always a sucker for life hacks lol

    Thank you so much for sharing ❤


  2. True True Ella, another great read. I am very careful what I post on social media and do not understand why some people splash private issues for all the world to see

    Keep up the great work
    Love it 😍


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