It’s countdown time. Not to Christmas, don’t panic – although I’m more than happy to start talking all things tinsel and tat, I bloody love it.

It’s the countdown to Bunni’s second birthday. I cannot believe how quickly her first two years have gone by. It seems to me that time moves that little bit faster every time I give birth. It’s cruel.

It is now t-minus four days until we hit the ‘terrible two’s’ with all the enthusiasm I can muster and I cannot help but look back over the journey that got us here.

Who knew that I would have another child after Bear? I certainly didn’t. Much as I adore him, that labour was a bit hairy and The Bearded Manc was pretty adamant (for a long time), that he ‘could not watch that again’.

It may sound like he’s being a bit of a tw*t but you’ll have to excuse his choice of words. What he actually meant (we talked about it at length) was that he didn’t think the Bear and I were going to make it through the birth and he didn’t want to risk that again. Awwww, it broke my heart a little bit to hear that.

I understood what he meant when he said he didn’t want to be a spectator at what must have seemed (with all the blood), like a scene out of a Saw movie, while being totally powerless to help. It’s easy to forget how traumatic labour can be from the birth partners point of view. That being said, it’s not as scary as someone telling you they’re about to cut open your faff and insert forceps – have you seen the size of those things?! It’s no wonder something went ‘pop’. *winces*

The Bearded Manc eventually came around to the idea. I mean, if I wasn’t scared (I totally was but he needn’t know that), why should he be? I reassured him that second births tend to go much more smoothly and are usually over much quicker. The poor guy went along with it, like he always does and the decision was made to try for another baby. By some utter fluke, we were pregnant within about a month.

It was a bit of a shock. It took around a year with the Bear, so we both thought we had a bit of time, but my Bunni is terribly impatient and has been from the get-go (she has many wonderful qualities but patience isn’t one of them), so falling pregnant fast is just par for the course.

To say I am glad we changed our minds on baby number two would be a massive understatement. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the ways in which Bunni has improved our lives for the better, she is quite simply magical and if you ever meet her, you’ll feel that magic for yourself.

Happy birthday Bunni, you have completed our little family and we cannot wait to party with you on Thursday and for many more years to come.

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