Today, Teddy wrote his letter to Father Christmas. He asked for Lego for himself and Dory (of Finding Nemo fame) for Posey.

He started the letter by saying ‘I love you because you are very kind and very gorgeous’. I have no idea if that means he thinks the big man is fit or whether he meant that Santa’s generous spirit makes him beautiful, but, either way, I thought it was a pretty good way to start a letter.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a letter that started with how gorgeous you are? I’m sure that even Father Christmas is guilty of pride. We all are.

Now though, the children are in bed (Teddy with a raging temperature that isn’t looking good for sleep) and I am about to write our Christmas cards. I love the variety of Christmas cards we receive. Some are beautiful, a decoration in themselves and others not so.

I wonder how many people will actually display ours and how many Christmas cards end up in the bin. One of my best friends always bins them. She displays less than half a dozen and I guess a lot of people are the same.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to do cards next year (except for a handful of people). I’d rather give the money to charity and not waste paper.

It’s all part of my conscious effort to be less wasteful going forward.

I have decided that I am comfortable with the following big changes:-

  1. Buying a menstrual cup to replace all disposable sanitary products
  2. Getting rid of any kind of cleaning material (i.e. sponges of surface wipes) that cannot be washed and reused
  3. Swapping as many shop bought cleaning products as I can for alternatives such as lemons and white vinegar
  4. Using flannels instead of baby wipes on the kids
  5. Reusable face cloths instead of make up removal pads/wipes
  6. Abolishing nappy sacks
  7. Getting rid of tin foil/cling film
  8. Going ‘meat free’ at least one day a week
  9. Buying less ‘stuff’ and where possible buying second hand.

These may seem really small changes to a lot of people, but if I can really stick to it, they’ll make a massive difference. Not only in terms of money, but waste-wise too. It’d be nice to know that we (The Duran’s) are not constantly adding to landfill where we can avoid it.

This is kind of an early new year’s resolution, I just got a bit of a jump on it but I’m not calling it that because those ‘resolutions’ never seem to really last. Instead I’m going to call it my ‘stop being such a lazy, wasteful d*ck manifesto’.

I think more and more people are looking for ways to save money and be less ‘throw away’, harking back to some of the ideals of our lovely Nan’s. The ‘make do and mend’ generation who did not believe in waste and earned what they had.

I can just picture my Nanny Vera now, hair perfectly set, face all powdered up and an immaculate 1950’s outfit with a pinafore over the top. Never wasteful, always frugal and ever so proud of her home. She would be horrified by how gluttonous and frivolous me and my little family are but I hope she’s watching on with pride at the changes I am making.

We could all be a bit more like Vera. The world would be better for it.

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