In all of the excitement of Christmas, I completely forget that today is Sunday and as such, blog day. I had no blog prepared. I have lost all sense of time. It has become irrelevant, other than to count in ‘number of sleeps ’til’.

I could haul myself over the coals and launch into a diatribe about how I am unworthy to call myself a ‘blogger’ (not that I actually do), and that I am not surprised by this latest failure.

But I’m not going to do that.

Yes, I forgot. Who cares?

I want you to know that I am human. I have flaws. I am simply a normal person, doing what they enjoy, writing. It is easy to assume that someone who blog’s is the perfect parent/person because all you see are beautiful photos and well-written (not in my case, obviously) posts about family life.

That most certainly is not me.

My blog isn’t perfect and that sits well with me because neither am I. My photos are mediocre and the writing is a bit garbled. It perfectly reflects me and my family.

We’re not wealthy.

We’re not middle class.

We’re not models.

We’re not brainboxes.

We’re not perfect.

We are us.

Blurry, grainy and garbled but mostly smiling.

We’re nothing special.

We’re distinctly average.

We’re everything to each other and that’s all I ever want to portray here.

Merry Christmas folks. Enjoy every second with your perfectly imperfect families and don’t give a second’s thought to what anyone else is doing. You are everything your kids need. Just watch their faces on Christmas Day, there is nothing they want more than what you give them, your love.

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