Tonight was a bit scary. We had one of those rare moments as parents where you count your lucky stars.

Posey fell head first, into a full bath! There is no way she wouldn’t have took on water (especially if she’d hit her head) and would’ve been temporarily unable to push herself up.

Fortunately, I was stood right behind and managed to catch her before her head went under the water. I don’t know how.

Teddy was already in the bath, The Bearded Manc kneeling in front of it (filling up the pretend ice cream factory with bubbles) and I had just stripped Posey off to put her in. As I stood up behind her, Posey stood against the bath, leaning slightly to feel the bubbles, when all of a sudden her balance shifted and she was going in head first.

As she toppled over, I grabbed her ankles and pushed down on her bottom, banging her little body against our tiled bath in the process.

The whole thing was over in a second.

Posey cried a lot. She was frightened in a way that she’s never known before. Even at just 26 months old, she knew what a bad situation it was and it really shook her.

My heart is still pounding as I write this, ninety minutes later. I stayed calm outwardly for Posey’s sake and made sure she got straight in the bath (after a reassuring cuddle), so as not to make it a scary place.

However, she was scared and she was hurt so bath time didn’t last longer than about thirty seconds. A quick rinse, but it would do. Cuddles were what was needed and I was more than happy to provide them. I needed them too. I wanted to feel the reassurance of her little arms wrapping around me, her beautiful head on my shoulder.

The scary thing about it is, a couple of hours before, I was talking with my Mother-In-Law about the dangers of the bathroom and how the child of her neighbour tragically drowned in their toilet. My neurosis was on high alert (as if I wasn’t already hyper vigilant enough).

So now I have the bath to worry about too. Of course I already worried about my babies while they were in it, but this is now an extra concern. As is the toilet. And a million other things.

Who knew there’d be so many potential dangers? I had no idea just how many before becoming a parent. Baths, toilets, steps, cleaning products, bikes, scooters, cutlery, food, strangers, string, carrier bags, dogs, drawers, hills, swimming pools. The list goes on.

Sometimes I wish was one of those parents who is a bit clueless (in the nicest possible way) and doesn’t seem to notice the imminent danger everywhere they go. Mustn’t that be nice?

Anyway, enough doom and gloom. All’s well that end’s well, right? But please, make sure your little ones can’t get near the toilet unattended or fall head first into the bath. Let this be a cautionary tale, a reminder that no matter how tough they seem, they are just little people who do silly things sometimes and get themselves in bad situations.

Tonight could’ve ended very differently and I’m so thankful that I get to kiss both my babies goodnight tonight.

Tomorrow, there’ll be another adventure. More wild walks, ridiculous stories and giggles on the floor and I will be there, always behind, ready to catch them if they fall.


2 thoughts on “Hi

  1. πŸ˜… phew good job you were on red alert to catch posey 😘. You definitely need eyes Everywhere!!! Big hugs to you and Posey xxx 😘


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