Yesterday was a day full of The Three F’s. Friends, frivolity and fun. It was perfect.

It started with a mad dash from Manchester to London, to a posh pub in Chelsea for a surprise baby shower. There was fizz flowing freely and the food was amazing (all paid for by my best girl’s Mum). On top of that the room full of ladies gathered in celebration of new life were in great form, with just the appropriate amount of naughtiness thrown in.

My beautiful girl with that pregnancy glow – something I never had with either of mine.

The afternoon went too fast and before my pudding had even arrived it was time to leave, but there was no way I was forgoing my brownie and so an Uber was ordered and my dessert was devoured in the most unladylike fashion before sprinting out the door to London Euston for the second part of the day.

At this point, I regret eating the brownie (delicious as it was), because of course, the train from Euston to Manchester departed 45 seconds before I got there, so myself and my travel buddy had to plead with the ticket office to take mercy on us. They did not. It cost an additional £50 that I don’t really have – I’ll be selling my kidney later to bridge the gap in my already pathetic bank account.

We arrived safely back in Manchester (after a quick outfit change and face-applied), where my favourite people were waiting at Crazy Pedro’s NQ (I’d highly recommend it for drinks/food with friends).

We drank, ate all the pizza and played our usual game of Sh*t Santa (yeah I know it’s a month late, but life is hectic), laughing (and sometimes screaming) our heads off at how disturbing and truly tacky some of the gifts were. Don’t ask me to tell you what they were because what happens on Sh*t Santa night, stays on Sh*t Santa night and for good reason. That being said Mrs May was the talk of Crazy Pedro’s and has never been more popular. She was a right old tart.

Mrs May lurking, waiting to get in on the action.

It was a great night with my favourite people. It always is. They truly are like family. A very strange, out of control, over familiar and far too comfortable in one another’s company, family. I love them. They make me feel wanted, loved and so happy. Something I don’t get from many people. I often feel that I give more than I get and am easily used, but not with these wrong’uns.

One day with the right people and I feel lighter and rejuvenated, like I can take on the world again. That’s what good friends do. I hope I do the same for them.

The moral of the story is find your tribe. There’s a friend out there for every kind of person, however strange you might think you are. Trust me when I say that if the members of the Sh*t Santa club found each other, anyone can.

Don’t settle for friends who only contact you when they need you for something or drop you when they have a ‘better offer’. And nobody needs the type of friend who chips away at your confidence. Find the people that make you feel invincible.

Look at Mrs May, she found her comrades and that turned out brilliantly.

Oh, wait…

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