I’ve just returned home from my first gifted experience as a ‘blogger’ (whatever that means), watching the press performance of In The Night Garden Live’s new show, Igglepiggle’s Busy Day! at The Lowry (named after Salford’s most famous artist, L.S. Lowry).

If you haven’t been to The Lowry before, the first thing you’ll notice (aside from the gorgeous setting) is the sheer size of the space. It’s enormous. But unlike some arts venues, it doesn’t feel stuffy or elitist. Despite its gigantic foyer, which opens up right to the roof, it feels warm and welcoming and very family friendly. The perfect place to launch a show for little ones.

Posey was greeted with a smile and a hello from every member of staff we encountered, from the second we stepped inside, with many stopping to talk with her about the show.

When it finally came to taking our seats, Posey was fit to burst with excitement. What two year old wouldn’t be? The whole auditorium was buzzing with anticipation, pierced by the odd shriek of an impatient toddler or baby wanting a feed.

We’ve been to In The Night Garden Live twice before, but this new show didn’t disappoint. It still evokes the same joy from the children and emotion from the parent’s. Well, me at least. I defy anybody not to cry after hearing that plinky-plonky music at the start, with Igglepiggle nestling down in his boat under the stars. It’s lovely. Truly.

I did notice that Posey (like many other children) started to get a bit fidgety about half-way through, but I suppose that is to be expected when the audience is so young. However, she soon refocused about ten minutes later when she saw it was getting towards the end and all the characters were on stage together.

When the curtain closed, Posey cried out ‘again Mummy’. She wanted more and I totally get why. It’s charming. The characters are her friends. She loves them.

Fortunately for Posey, we got to go to the VIP Gala afterwards, where there was not only a ton of party food, but balloons, balloon animals and face painting. Not to mention, Igglepiggle himself and Upsy Daisy came to greet everyone and pose for photos.

The queuing for photos was hard. Posey is poorly, had missed her nap for the show and is generally impatient when she’s in a mood. We tried once and gave up, coming back to the queue just two or three minutes later only to be two places further back. Bloody kids.

By this point, Teddy and The Bearded Manc had joined us too, so we managed to get photos of all of us with the delightful Upsy Daisy. The kids kept hugging her and asking questions, with no concept of the queue of raging toddler tantrums behind us.

I managed to prise them away without incident, much to the relief of the parents who were trying to keep a lid on the ticking time bombs they held in their arms. The goodie bag, cake and biscuits we received played a large part in the tactical manoeuvre, more than it being an act of exemplary parenting.

It was such a great afternoon, and I highly recommend getting tickets for the tour if you can. It is in theatres UK wide for the first time, so you should be able to find a venue close to you.

I can’t thank In The Night Garden Live enough for inviting us along via the brilliant community that is We Blog North (check them out if you’re a blogger oop Norf).

I am very aware of how fortunate we were to be gifted this experience. I will never stop being grateful for the opportunity.

Isn’t that a pip.

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