I don’t have a proper blog post for you this week. Posey (aka Bunni) has been poorly, really poorly.

We’ve been fighting an ear infection and perforated eardrum for several weeks, going up and down the rollercoaster, blindly.

Some days Posey seems better, and others it is clear that she’s in pain and feeling grotty. This week has been rough on her. She’s struggled on and happily taken her antibiotics. But yesterday she got very poorly and we ended up spending several hours at hospital.

We got home late last night and have spent much of today following the rule of the three ‘Rs’. Rest, Relaxation and Really Big Cuddles.

I normally spend Saturday night (and most of Sunday) writing and tweaking my blog post for that day, but today my priority and focus is on smelling Posey’s hair and inhaling her gorgeousness (why do they smell so good?) because I am so incredibly fortunate to have this gorgeous creature in my life.

I will publish a full post on it next week, but in the meantime, thank you for all the messages of support and well wishes.

You are bloody good eggs.

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