For this week’s blog post, I had planned to bring you a thoughtful piece (God that sounds tosserish) about the past five years since becoming a Mum.

I had planned to talk about Teddy, my first born, and how he has changed and moulded me into the Mum (person) that I am. And how I changed again when Posey was born, taking on a slightly different shape to fit my new family.


I am a parent and as such, my kids like to throw up challenges for me every now and then.

Like Friday, when I ran into Teddy’s room at 7am shouting ‘Boom! It’s your birthday!’, and knew straight away that something was off.

My Mum spidey-senses were tingling like crazy.

He said he was excited and happy about his birthday but his smile didn’t reach his eyes and his energy was low. I put it down to him being sad about going to school instead of spending his birthday with us, but he’s always happy to go to school so it didn’t seem right.

After school was much the same. Low. Tired. He tried to muster some enthusiasm for the little party I was pretending we were having, but he couldn’t find any.

When my Mum arrived from London Teddy’s spirits lifted a bit. He had been so excited to see her, I thought perhaps he was just sad she hadn’t arrived sooner.

I was wrong. Obviously. So the poor guy had a pretty crappy birthday, forced into school when he clearly felt rubbish and unable to enjoy any of the festivities and presents that I was pushing on him.

The next day (yesterday), started the same way. Tired, unenthusiastic, low energy. He perked up a bit when we left to set up the hall for his party and was actually a really big help, but after about thirty minutes (and me forcing him to pose for a photo on the bouncy castle we’d hiredI feel like such a d*ck now) he laid down and that’s where he stayed until people started arriving. He said hello to the first two, and after that, he finally admitted (after two days of asking) that he had a raging headache. I felt his head, he was on fire, so I took him outside to get some air. He stayed there a while and after a bit my Dad came to relieve me so I could carry out my duties as host to 40 kids.

The air did nothing to diminish his headache or his temperature and the Calpol made little difference either. He could barely keep his eyes open and asked to come back inside to sit with my Mum – despite saying the noise of the party was hurting his head.

It was a LOUD party. 40 kids and their parents, a bouncy castle, disco, cars, a ball pit. It was insane. The kids were loving it. My Bunni was high in life (and biscuits).

Teddy came inside, laid on my Mum and proceeded to sleep through his entire party (I kid you not!), only waking about five minutes before the end. At which point we decided to quickly do the cake and have everyone sing to him so that he at least had that moment.

Worst birthday ever!

I felt for Teddy, of course. I was worried about his temperate and, whilst I didn’t have a thermometer with me, I could see (and feel) that he was burning up with a fever. It was so sad to see him sleeping on my Mum’s lap like a baby. He hasn’t napped for two years, since just before his third birthday.

I also felt for myself (and The Bearded Manc). The party was a big deal for us financially. We saved, we scrimped and I did a bit of eBay selling, in order to pay for it. Not to mention the time and effort spent organising and setting it all up. Making the food (of which there was tons) and the sweet cones.

I was gutted. It was all for nothing. I could’ve used that money towards our trip to Butlins in June. Something which, again, we are scrimping and scraping for. But instead, I set light to a big wad of cash. At least, that’s how it felt.

Perhaps if money wasn’t tight, I would feel differently about it? Maybe not. On the plus side, his friends had a great time (a small consolation) and were all very sweet and caring towards the fallen soldier.

In any case, the worst birthday ever is over and I now have to spend another night worrying about my Bear whose temperature does not want to stay under 40.

Send me positive vibes to beat this bug/virus/whatever the hell it is that my children are enjoying playing tennis with and any tips on how to keep them healthy because apparently 5-a-day, plenty of fresh air and a clean house ain’t gonna cut it.

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  1. On the bright side you’ve managed in the last 5 years to raise a beautiful boy who daily is a credit to you and Adam.Xxx


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