If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve finally bitten the bullet and joined the gym. I know, shocking.

Before having kids I was in ok shape. My metabolism definitely started slowing down once I hit 25, but it wasn’t until I started having children, that my physical health took a real battering.

I lack energy, I’m full of aches & pains and my aforementioned metabolism seems to have disappeared altogether. I’m deteriorating at an impressive rate and I’m fairly confident that this is largely due to a lack of any real exercise (walking everywhere doesn’t seem to count).

On top of all my other complaints, my weight is steadily rising. Now, don’t get me wrong, size IS NOT everything but I’m sure that each persons skeleton has a limit and I feel like mine has reached its breaking point. It creeks and groans and buckles under the weight its carrying. It doesn’t feel healthy.

So I’m hitting the gym, a couple of times a week and do you know what? I’m loving it.

I’m excited to be doing something proactive about my aches and pains. I’m committed and that in itself makes me happy, I tend to lack follow through. Not this time.

I want to be healthy for myself but also for my kids. I want to have the best chance at a long life, for them, and the best way I know to do that, is to be healthy. To be clear, I don’t mean thin. I mean, energetic, prioritised and looked after. I’ve realised that I should take the same level of care of myself as I do them.

I’m also finding that the gym is doing wonders for my jumbled head. It really does help with mental health and that is of equal importance.

I’m completely crap on the running machine, my posture is awful and I have zero physical strength. It’s fun nonetheless, I put my earphones in, crank up the volume to an antisocial level and I’m off. Huffing, puffing and turning redder and redder by the second but it’s great.

I feel a little bit better every time I leave the gym. Not necessarily physically (as it’s only been a couple of weeks), but I feel noticeably calmer.

I’m not using any of the posher gyms in my town. I’m just going to the leisure centre because it’s the cheapest and we’re skint and to be honest, it has everything I need anyway, so why waste money on a flashier setting.

If you’re sitting at home feeling fed up with your physical or mental health (and you can afford it), I urge you to join the gym. Once you commit to going in your head, you will not be sorry. Just go.

Take your health as seriously as you do your children’s.

Care for your body and mind.

Make yourself a priority.

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