Mummy’s feeling frazzled

I’m not myself today

I’m tired, hormonal and grouchy

You’ll understand one day.

Especially you, Posey.

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

I’m out of patience and snappy

You don’t deserve any of it

I’m so sorry I’m being crappy.

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

My head is all a-jumble

I’m not sure which way is up today

Do you hear that distant rumble?

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

I’m trying not to show it

The reality is I’m failing

I fear that you both know it.

Do you?

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

Let’s chalk today up as ‘shit’

It’s not your fault, it’s not really mine

Maybe I can salvage it a bit?

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

I just need two minutes alone

But my irritation only makes you more needy

My mind is completely blown.

To pieces.

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

Now you’re in bed and I miss you

I might have to sneak back into your room

I only want to kiss you.

A thousand times.

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

But I’m not worried about tomorrow

We all have off days and that’s ok

There’s no cause for alarm or sorrow.

Mummy’s feeling frazzled

Sweet dreams now, goodnight

We’ll wake tomorrow in the warmth of the sun

And bask in its glorious light.

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