On this day where we celebrate parents, remember that it’s not all breakfast in bed and homemade cards for everybody. I want you to know that I see you.

The single Mum who buys a Father’s Day card for her ex, despite him treating her like dirt. I see you.

The parent who lost their spouse and has to fix that hurt for their children and go the distance alone, all the while mourning their loss in silence, behind closed doors when the children are sleeping. Wondering how on Earth they will make it. I see you.

The parents making their way through complicated support systems and social housing, perhaps living in emergency accommodation. You haven’t failed. You are being failed. You are doing your best, the same as anyone else. It will get better. I see you.

The gay couple who are both Mum, showing the world that two women can raise children without the absence of a father being a negative. I see you.

The Dad who got walked out on and is terrified of raising girls the wrong way, or not knowing the things that their Mum would have. How do you navigate periods? I see you.

The grandparents left raising their grandchidlren because for whatever reason, their child was unable to. How do you reconcile that? How do you explain that? I see you.

The Foster parent providing some normality and security for a child who has yet to receive any love and doesn’t know how to process it. Fighting the battles. Nurturing little people into human beings who understand they are worthy of love. I see you.

The Auntie’s and Uncle’s who step up to the plate when their sibling is unable to. Picking up the slack, filling the holes and turning up with loving arms; bevoming a safe place. I see you.

The parents who battle addicitons or demons. Struggling everyday to do better and be better, be well. Whole. You are not your demons. You are so much more. You deserve more. Don’t refuse help because you think you are not worth it. You are. I see you.

The single Mum who has to explain to her kids why Daddy isn’t around, why he chose to leave. I know you’re hurting. I see you.

To the parent covered in scars, physical and emotional. The one who has never been shown love or kindness or how to parent. You are not your parents. You are not the person who hurt you. I see you.

To the parents whose family is imploding, on the brink of collapse under the strain of a relationship that can no longer work. The guilt of separation is real. The fear of making it work from two different homes is massive. You tried. I see you.

To the trans parent who made the brave decision to be exactly who they are and raise a family with the myriad of challenges and fears that throws up. I see you.

To those struggling to become a parent, knowing they’d be great at it, while having to be around other people’s children. Protect yourself and your feelings, it’s ok to mourn something that’s missing. Keep the faith. It will happen. There’s always a way. I see you.

To the parent whose children are too sick to celebrate. Hooked up to monitors, in theatre or simply unable to comprehend or communicate their love for you. Your journey is beyond difficult. I see you.

To the parents who adopt. Raising children you didn’t birth. They are your children. They know love because of you. They feel loved because of you. I see you.

To the parent who lost their own, leaving a hole that cannot be filled. Whether that relationship was beautiful or tumultuous, the loss is the same. I see you.

To the parent living in fear, terrorised by a partner or ex who is nothing but a monster. Parenting when you are living at the edge of your existence is nothing short of a miracle. You do not deserve this. Nobody deserves to live in fear. You deserve more. You can have more. Find help. Be safe. I see you.

To the parent who lost a child. Yours is the journey we all fear. It is a never ending nightmare and I cannot imagine the depths of your loss. I have no words for you. All I can offer is an ear to listen, a warm embrace and patience. There is no time limit on your grief. Do not be afraid to speak their name. Do not rush yourself. I see you.

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