I usually know what the topic of my weekly waffle will be in advance of actually writing it. Sometimes I draft it up, sometimes it’s just an outline, but the bones are always there. Today though, I have nothing.

It’s been a bit of a mad couple of weeks. As you know, I run The Happy Mumdays, a group for all Mum’s offering support, friendship and (hopefully) fun, with and without kids.

This week I set up the first ever ticketed event for The Happy Mumdays, creating an online ticketing service and everything. FREE THE MUTHA was official.

Of course, my oldest friend, self-doubt, accompanied me on my journey of trying to get the event off the ground but I somehow managed to reign her in, and get the tickets live and for sale. I prepared myself for having to spend the next four weeks, badgering people and flooding social media with posts begging people to buy tickets. If I could sell half (there were only 30 in total), I’d be happy.

All my fear and self-doubt was for nothing.

The event sold out in about 36 hours. I’m still in shock. I know it isn’t Glasto, but I’m over the moon. I’m sure the low price tag and a promise of drinks and nibbles has a lot to do with it, but it would seem the Mutha’s of Urmston (and surrounding), need freeing. Or at least, they are very keen on wine and cheese.

Now I have four weeks in which to pull the event together. It doesn’t sound long and it isn’t really, but that’s a lot of hours which I will no doubt fill with procrastination and nail biting.

I have to cost, purchase and create my menu and resist the urge to spend all the money on cheese. I need to meet with the venue and work out layouts and practicalities. I must ensure the ethos of the night (be kind, be inclusive and listen) is understood, in advance of attendance, so that everyone feels welcome. There are no mean girls allowed at Free The Mutha by The Happy Mumdays. Decorations must be purchased. Budgets need to be monitored and most importantly, an outfit has to be decided upon.

I also need to spend the next four weeks, talking myself into bravery and self-confidence. As the host, it is my job to make introductions and ensure guests are comfortable, which takes a lot of confidence in itself and is not something which comes naturally to me, but I set up The Happy Mumdays to help women meet up and make friends and so I have to facilitate that.

Don’t worry, I have a plan…..DUTCH COURAGE.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck Ella, I’m sure you will do a great job and make this a success. You are a great listener and all these people attending will have a great friend too 😍
    Keep going with your fantastic ideas you truly are an inspirational woman 👩♥️xxx


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