Time with friends and family is what keeps my heart singing.

Warm smiles on those most familiar of funny faces.

Rooms filled with so much naughty laughter you could power a city.

A shared history so intertwined and entangled, it is impossible to remember whose stories are whose.

We are intrinsically linked.

Memories of a lifetime together ingrained into our skin.

In-jokes, so many in-jokes that it must be impossible to infiltrate the walls we unconsciously built around our little ‘family of choice’. Only the rarest can get over the ramparts.

I cannot imagine what the next 20 years will hold for us.

We’ve helped each other through dark times but we are yet to know true loss. But that day will come for us, we are not invincible.

The bubble we have built around our friendship will one day be violently burst and the thought is utterly unbearable.

We will grieve and punctuate the pain with uncomfortable jokes that only we can stomach.

Jokes about the old days and who we used to be. Who we still are, really.

I hope we don’t change too much over the years, but just in case, let’s make a promise.

Let’s promise to always play and be playful.

Let’s promise to challenge each other.

Let’s promise to keep each other in check.

Let’s promise to be able to share the tears as well as the laughter.

Most importantly, let’s promise to always have a packet of sausages to hand because the day we stop playing ‘throw the sausage’ is the day we lose our spark.

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