Hello, hello. How are you? Hello, hello. It’s good to see you. I said hello, to you and all your friends. This was the moment we’d waited for all day. The moment when the rock star of children’s TV, Mr Tumble, came on stage to do his set at the CBBC Summer Social in Liverpool.We all know the song. Our kids love the song. Mr Tumble kinda can’t sing the song (there I said it, he’s pitchy, sue me!) but there we were, us adults and our offspring, singing away like Drake had just stepped on stage. The crowd was pumped up on ice cream and snacks from their Mum’s bag of never-ending emergency food supplies.Now, I know I said he’s pitchy (cos he is) but the kids loved it. Especially the piratechnics. Posey bounced around on my shoulders, looking every inch the poster child for Woodstock, while Teddy showed us his ‘Michael moves’ (bad imitations of Michael Jackson’s dancing). If you squinted, and shut your ears, it could’ve been Glastonbury.Hyperbole? Me?Prior to Mr Tumble, we watched Andy + The Odd Socks do their set. Does anyone else get a bit teary-eyed doing stuff like this with your kids? Hearing their little voices singing along to songs about being kind to one another is a bit too much for me.The day itself was a tale of two halves. We loved Mr Tumble and Andy + The Odd Socks and the clangers garden was really charming. In fact, I’d say the garden was the best part for me. It is by far the prettiest walled garden I’ve ever visited and the kids were able to fill up watering cans and water the flowers, which they absolutely loved. We spent a good hour just watering plants and enjoying the relative calm.There were lots of cool areas for kids to explore including a dinosaur park, which is always going to be a massive hit with my two who are both big Dino fans. Posey befriended two of the young event staff in the Dinosaur Park and proceeded to ask 100 questions about dinosaurs, correcting them when she felt she knew better.I felt that most of the activities available were slightly too old for my pair and were better suited to children aged about 7.The main thing to note was the queues. They were, in my opinion, ridiculous. Given that we went on the Sunday which was tailored to very small children (I’d say 5/6 and under), I would’ve expected the infrastructure to have been better. We queued for 45 minutes for food. Thirty minutes for an ice cream. Thirty minutes for a drink. That’s too long for a 2 and 5 year old. To be honest, it was too long for me, as a 37 year old.When the day was over, after getting so soaked that we all travelled home in just our underwear, we then had to wait over an hour to get out of the car park. Longer than the time it takes to get from Manchester to Liverpool. Luckily, the kids were extremely patient and we had a couple of snacks leftover to keep them quiet.Would I go again, you ask? Yes, I probably would go again next year as my children will be 12 months older and more able to wait in long lines.Would I recommend it? That’s trickier to answer. Obviously, I can only speak to how my children react and whilst they are extremely well behaved, they, like most kids, bore easily. So I would say, it’s probably not ideal for kids between the ages of 1+3. It is also quite expensive once you’re there, so that is something to bear in mind. Four small ice creams cost us £12. I nearly choked when The Bearded Manc told me but then he found a tenner on the floor and I felt like the Universe said ‘these ones are on me’.Cheers, Universe!

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