This weekend we had the pleasure of enjoying The Magic Atlas first event, The Butterfly Ball, at Gibson Mill.

The Magic Atlas is a collaboration between three pretty amazing women, one of which being the talented For Just One Day Atelier, who creates the most incredible children’s clothing and partyware and the babe behind all of the costumes for the event.

The Butterfly Ball was a musical fairytale, set in the woods.

Two beautiful and enchanting moths led us through the forest and across babbling brooks, as the children hunted for woodland treasure (bugs and leaves), stopping here and there to tell stories and singing about hairy ants, lounging in the sun. But watch your bum!

After the children had collected their treasures, we all headed back to the mill – where a Bug String Quartet awaited us – to decorate the Magic Atlas.

Inside the mill, strings plinked sweetly. Fairy lights twinkled. Toadstools suggested magical creatures might be lurking around any corner. The magic atlas dangled above our heads.

The children and the moths danced, lightly, around the room while singing gently about getting rid of worries in sequin clad wings.

The whole event was ethereal and whimsical and really lifted my spirits. It was so charming to see the little kids faces as they bought into the world that was being created around them.

The tickets were free to all and it was a lovely couple of hours, in a gorgeous part of the country. I highly recommend a visit to Hardcastle Crags, but it’s not an easy terrain so bear that in mind and make sure you pack your wellies.

I am excited to see what the future holds for The Magic Atlas. There were a few things to learn from the first event, as with anything like this, but I will definitely be at the next one, with my wings and wellies on and I recommend you go too.

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