Rain rain go away, come again another day

Come for a day but not a whole season

Come for a few, don’t stay for no reason

This is Manchester and it’s wet and it’s dreary

But we do things differently here, so get to F*CK, deary

You cannot dampen that Mancunian spirit

Though you may try, but these folks just won’t hear it

Yes! it rains a little bit most days

But it doesn’t affect those sunshine rays,

Coming out of the Mancunian’s hacienda filled mind.

It drizzles and it drops and it pours on the cobbles

The slippery stones have caused a few wobbles

That’s why no Mancuian is complete without a kagool

Only it’s gotta be zipped all the way up to be cool

That’s how Noel wears it.

No matter the weather, you won’t kill their mood

To talk of anywhere else would be rude

‘Cos where else would you want to be than this buzzing vibrant city

Anywhere else on this planet seems shitty

The streets are alive with music in its stones

The river flows with the blood of the Stone Rose-s

Morrissey was maudling, the weather fuelling his lament,

Many a rock star has came and went

But none really leave.

Their ghosts haunt the gardens and the floors of Affleks Palace

Those acid filled 90s where we saw the Aurora Borealis

I pity those who can’t see the beauty of Manchester rain?

We don’t want folks like that round ‘ere again

The rain gives us rainbows, as Lemn Sissay would say

The rain makes us Mancs, and Mancs we will stay.

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