You may or may not know that I run a Mum club called The Happy Mumdays.

I set The Happy Mumdays up when my kids were 12 months and 3 years old, respectively. I had come out the other side of having a newborn when my first child was only 2.5 years old and felt able to get something going for myself and others.

I wanted to create a group unlike many others. I wanted to make a safe space for all kinds of Mum’s, not just the middle class, ‘ladies that brunch’. I hoped it would be the kind of group that made Mum’s feel better about themselves, not worse.

There’s many parent groups out there and a fair few are quite intimidating and not very welcoming. With The Happy Mumdays, I make a promise to anyone coming along that I will not let them be left out or overlooked. No Mum will spend their time alone in a corner, hoping desperately that someone will include them in a conversation before leaving feeling deflated, depressed and lonely. Or worse.

Parenthood is a massive undertaking. Of course it is an incredible privilege, one that many do not get to experience and for that we must always be grateful, but that does not mean that it isn’t hard sometimes. Or daunting. Many Mum’s can feel quite isolated and even more suffer with some form of depression &/or anxiety and having somewhere to go that is warm and welcoming, can make all the difference to that Mum’s day.

Now, I’m not saying that The Happy Mumdays can cure mental health issues but I do know that getting out of the house, breathing in some fresh air and having a little chat in a safe space, will help. For some it’ll help a bit, for others it can turn the day around completely.

My inbox is always open and I’m often found replying to messages at midnight to someone who wants to come along to the meet up the next day and is lying awake, worrying about it. If answering a messsage at midnight means that Mum takes the brave step to come along, rather than losing her nerve, then I’m happy to do it. I know what it means to get out of the house and have an adult conversation and I’m honoured that they come to hang with us.

Our venues are always child friendly, from The Toy House (toddler heaven and an amazing charity, check it out) to the new and vibrant Stretford Foodhall, the city centre beach and everything in between. So there’s no need to worry about tantrums or potty related accidents.

Aside from the daytime meet-ups, The Happy Mumdays also likes to encourage socialising without children in tow. Much as we adore our little babes, it’s not always easy to have a proper conversation, relax and make friends when you’re being pulled at by a toddler. I call the nights out FREE THE MUTHA. It perfectly encapsulates what the nights out are all about. Unlike the daytime meet ups, FREE THE MUTHA nights out are ticketed. I keep the cost low, usually between £10-£15 to include as many people as possible. The Happy Mumdays is definitely not going to be the kind of elitist group that is too expensive for the average person to come along. That ain’t us, babe!

I will also never charge for the morning meet-ups, that’s not my thing. I’m not in this to make money out of a Mum who needs a chat. I’m always here for you on that front. But the nights out give me a tiny bit of money to pay for my cuppa at the meet-ups. It allows me to run the group without it costing my family, at a time when we are really struggling financially. I hope that comes across.

I’m currently planning our first ever Christmas party and you are ALL invited. This is more expensive. It has to be in order to make it a proper knees up. There’s gonna be a DJ (the only dude invited, poor guy), drinks, tasty food, mince pies, lush decor, a raffle and dancing all night. It’ll be good value for money (I hope) and will support a local women’s charity too.

I’ve asked the party goers to bring donations of old (but good condition) handbags, toiletries, sanitary products, bras etc. Another way that we can support the women around us which is what The Happy Mumdays is all about.

If you haven’t heard of The Happy Mumdays before and are Manchester based or even if you’re not, then check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Come along to a meet-up, recommend it to a friend who might need it. Or if you fancy the Christmas party, then grab yourself a ticket (link here) and get your dancing shoes ready.

Come hang with us. You won’t be sorry. Everyone is an absolute babe! We are all totally different and that’s what makes us ace!

No Mean Girls allowed.

No Mum Left Behind.

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