Happy Half Term

Half term. Bells Palsy aside, Teddy has found the first few weeks of Year One tiring so we were all ready for this half term.

We’ve had very lazy mornings and plenty of rest, something we all needed after the chaos of Teddy being unwell.

We’ve been busy though, taking just one day to do nothing in the middle of all the fun and actually, in many ways, that was the best day. The kids and I pottered about in our PJ’s, doing crafts and making enormous pictures. They played doctors, sweetly, while I did a bit of work for The Happy Mumdays Free The Mutha’ Claus. Though Teddy had a lot of questions about Free The Mutha and why he isn’t allowed to go.

The fact that Halloween is fast approaching made half term extra fun. Manchester City Centre is awash with ghouls and goblins, buildings topped with gigantic inflatable monsters, pumpkin lanterns hanging from every tree and creepy trails to follow. Even our own little suburb went bat-shit crazy for the festivities.

A humongous Stay-Puft man loomed over the shoppers of our little town while the Ghostbusters and their car were on hand to help. One of the local parks was completely taken over by zombies and the walking dead with a spooky walk and a thriller-like show. It is totally bonkers in the burbs!

My Mum bought the kids a load of Halloween decorations so we decided, last minute, to have a party with a few friends instead of trick or treating. Teddy has a follow up appointment with the consultant on 31st October anyway so this made more sense.

Decorations galore, I cooked a load of pizzas & cakes and made a ‘pick my brain’ game out of spaghetti and food dye with plastic eyeballs thrown in.

The kids were pumped up on sugar and ran around like actual banshees which was appropriate given it was a Halloween party while the adults enjoyed more than a few cheeky drinks on the sidelines. It was perfect.

We’ve visited a planetarium and drifted into space. We saw Neil Armstrong’s footprint and gasped as rockets whizzed over our heads.

We’ve travelled back in time almost 1000 years, hunting spooky gnomes in Ordsall Hall.

We searched high and low for monsters in Manchester City Centre and found them peeping over rooftops.

We’ve danced in the rain (‘cos mummy forgot her brolly and we couldn’t get a taxi, not because we’re as free-spirited as we sound).

We’ve partied and watched scary movies, we’ve read tons and partied with a bunch of Rockin’ Rhino’s.

It’s been an ace half term, one that we’ve pulled off on a shoe string. £55 for 10 days of joy. I’m pleased with that number and feel extremely lucky that we could do what we did. I appreciate that not everyone has £55 to spend and we didn’t really, we used money that people had given Teddy when he was poorly and Posey’s birthday money. It was the perfect way to spend that money, making memories over buying more stuff.

I cannot wait for the next half term, when the Big Man arrives with his bag of swag. But for now we must get back in the swing of early mornings, routine and a faster pace of life.

See you on the other side.

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