We’re Walking In The Air

This weekend I got the chance to take the Bear to see The Snowman at The Opera House. Based on the classic book by Raymond Briggs.

My lovely cousin had tickets and kindly gave them to me but with Posey having chicken pox and it being a late show, I decided it would be best to invite a friend along.

It was exciting taking the Bear into town at night, he’s never really seen it after about 7pm, although it did feel a bit odd to be mixing with the revellers. He loved seeing it all lit up and buzzing with life.

The kids could not believe how the theatre looked at night. ‘It looks like the one from Sing, Mummy’, Teddy gasped.

We took our seats and the kids immediately (after securing their snacks first ‘cos, priorities, right?) spotted the snow. The entire stage looked like one enormous snow globe.

I had no idea what to expect. Would it snow? Would they fly? How could they make it into an almost two hour show? Was Aled Jones hiding somewhere in the wings?

The show opened with the little boy, who must only have been about 8 years old, and I couldn’t even imagine how proud his parents must be. He was confident and looked happy to be there. As much as I wanted to be in the West End as a kid, I never would’ve been brave enough to open a show by myself.

It was twee and charming and the music was the same as I remembered. I was transported back to being a very small child except now I was watching it with my five year old instead of my younger sister.

The boy built the snowman and he stood there frozen for what felt like forever before suddenly coming to life and the kids all took a deep breath. He was real. They had no idea he was magic until that very moment and then there could be no doubt. He was alive and playful and so cuddly. I wanted a hug.

The moment they flew though…wow. It was so captivating. My friend and I immediately burst into tears. I cannot watch stuff like this with my kids without crying. Seeing their little faces so full of wonder and belief in the magic unfolding before their eyes makes my heart hurt. It’s all I want for them out of life, a bit of magic and joy.

The boy and The Snowman danced with fruit and other snow people and rode a motorbike through the forest where the most charming, Disney-Eyed animals dashed about the stage. Jack Frost was booed and didn’t get the girl (hooray) and Santa had the only line. One ‘Ho Ho Ho’ was all it took.

The story was told through dance and the kids loved it, as did I. It was captivating and spectacular and everything a show like this should be. That being said I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone younger than four or five. It’s a long time to sit still (and quiet), even with an interval.

Thanks to my little cousin for the tickets, I owe you one babe.

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