This week is the run up to my event for The Happy Mumdays. The nights out are usually called FREE THE MUTHA, but as it’s Christmas, this one has been dubbbed FREE THE MUTHA CLAUS.

It’s a proper Christmas do with tinsel, tat, a DJ (the only dude invited, God help him) and raffle complete without with ace prizes from local businesses, such as the talented artists Kinheads and Angel Casts and vouchers for gorgeous restaurant’s like Mulino – to name but a few of the generous donors.

There’s lots left to do but I’ve still managed to spend quality time with the kids, take a trip to Primark, visit the reindeers, chase up raffle prizes, sell charity raffle tickets, get a couple of Christmas presents and most importantly dye (& cut, oops) my hair and over-pluck my eyebrows. I haven’t, however had time to write up a proper blog this week so this little catch up will have to do.

Normal service will resume in a week once my event is out of the way -presuming I’m not hungover for more than 24 hours – but after all the effort I’ve put in and how rowdy these Manchester Mum’s get, who knows?

Wish me luck.

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