For The Many

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago in reaction to the General Election. Needless to say I was disappointed and I’m guessing that for the majority of people who follow me, you were too. Like minded folk and all that.

I was pretty devastated with the result and people telling me not to be wasn’t/isn’t helpful. This is the loss of a future I had planned for my children. This election meant everything to my family’s future. But rather than sit back and feel like a victim, I have a plan to make the world a little bit better with action, kindness and charity and by raising two children who put others first.

Here’s my plan of action:

✴️ FOR THE MANY. For £4.30 pcm I can become a member of the Labour party. Becoming a member of a political party means you can vote on policy (amongst other things). People are always moaning that ‘all the parties are the same‘ and ‘none of them can be trusted‘, yet do absolutely nothing to change that fact. So I’m gonna get in there and shape change. If you don’t like the way things are, stop being lazy and become part of the solution, not a continuing part of the problem.

✴️Ecology. The earth is burning, we all (with the exception of Mr Trump) know that. Australia is absolutely being torn apart at this very moment and it is devastating to witness. Now is the time to do as much as we can individually and globally to reverse the damage. I already don’t drive or fly, and I would urge each of you to do less of both where possible, it’s one of the easiest changes you can make (as an individual) that would have real significance.

Less meat is a no brainer for me as it is an easy change and will reduce the cost of our shopping bill. Interestingly, I recently heard that if you are going to eat meat you should eat from large animals i.e. beef because a cow lives as close to it’s natural life as it can and one cow makes so many more meals than one chicken, which will likely feed a family of four or five just once and leads a pretty rubbish life.

I’m also continuing my quest to reduce single use plastics and only make essential purchases throughout the year. I will be talking regularly with the children about the environment and recycling and how we can do more to protect our planet.

✴️Volunteering. We are not a well-off family, in fact 2019 has been extremely difficult for us financially. Another reason I found this election particularly upsetting. Our future has felt very troublesome and so to add to that a party that will not have our best interest at heart, only compounds my fears. It’s no wonder my insomnia is at an all time high. Anyway, I digress. The point I’m making is while I may not be able to help out financially in any significant way, I can donate my time.

I”m interested in helping out in Foodbank’s or soup kitchens, helplines or working with victims of domestic violence. I’m not rushing into anything, I need to find the right fit for me and my family to ensure I can give the help someone needs, in the right way.

✴️ Education. I’m researching courses on topics like domestic violence. I want to be of use to my community, in particular fellow women and children. That’s where I feel most aligned. I would love to be able to use the skills learned on a course as part of my volunteer work.

✴️ Community. I am hoping to help my immediate area by continuing to raise awareness and collect items for people living in emergency accomodation (such as women’s refuge) or shelters. I do this already with my Mum’s club, The Happy Mumdays, and was very proud of our Christmas drive which produced a large haul of underwear, toiletries, bags and sanitary products amongst other useful items, along with a big chunk of cash for Manchester Women’s Aid.

My children saw the collection of stuff for Manchester Women’s Aid and asked loads of great questions about it. I explained the situation to them as best (and as gently) as I could and they were very proud that we, as a family, had done something positive to help others. This is something I want to really impress upon them.

✴️Kindness. I truly believe that kindness is a political act. I want my children to know and believe that, so I will teach them how to rebel with kindness. How to love in times of hatred. How to help when you have (seemingly) little to offer. How having everything when your friend has nothing, is no way to live. How ignoring the problem is to be part of it. How staying quiet is tantamount to taking sides. How to be part of a better generation who will hopefully save us all (no pressure, kids).

One thought on “For The Many

  1. Wonderful words yet again , although we dont all agree we do agree in a better kinder giving listening caring future. Praise to that. ❤


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