Remember I went for that Cadbury’s ad last week? Well, I only got recalled, didn’t I? In fact, I got down to the last two. I still can’t believe it.

That’s not really blog-worthy, I hear you say. To that, I would reply ‘it’s my blog, I can write what the hell I want’. It’s blog-worthy to me.

You see, although I haven’t got the part, I am still living off the thrill of having done something that pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. Something I was absolutely sure I couldn’t do. I thought I’d be ridiculed. I thought all the other women would look like super models and I was sure the people involved in the ad would be elitist snobs.

None of those things were true.

Everybody involved was kind, warm and incredibly patient & gentle with me. I couldn’t have been more wrong about them or myself and for the first time in my life I was happy not to be right.

The recall was in London and last minute but it was great fun to be taking the trip down South alone. I soaked up the energy of the city and felt it’s hum. I love it. London is so full of life and it was wonderful to be a part of that, even for just a few short hours before running back to Euston to catch the train home. Eight hours after leaving the house, I was back home, drinking a cup of tea and feeling both exhausted & exhilarated.

It just goes to show that, no matter what our brain tries to tell us, we are capable of so much more. I know turning up to an audition isn’t a big thing but it does take guts. Pride is on the line and that’s not something I am willing to risk easily being a Leo. In fact, I don’t think many people put their pride on the line very often. Most of us dislike feeling vulnerable so in that sense it was a huge deal.

I’m not about to take up acting classes and audition weekly but I am going to try to use this experience to push myself a little closer towards situations that may otherwise make me uncomfortable. I can do things. I can say yes to things and make a bit of a fool of myself and the world will keep on spinning exactly the same.

Go on.

Do something brave today.