The Happy Mumdays Guide To Mumchester

As you may, or may not know, I run a group called The Happy Mumdays, aimed at supporting parenting and combating loneliness + depression that can come with it.

I established The Happy Mumdays two years ago when my children were approximately aged 3 and 6 months old respectively. I felt that there was a gap in the market (so to speak) for a radical group that included (+ marketed itself to) all kinds of Mum’s (as well as Dad’s and grandparents) and set about to start something of my own.

Over the past two years the group has grown and while I am still learning, I have a much better idea of what I’m doing although I would still describe myself as a bit of a novice. We are reaching more and more parents, which is great but I am hoping to expand further over the next 18 months and that is where The Happy Mumdays Guide To Mumchester comes in.

I often get asked for recommendations of places to eat or days out with kids and so I thought I would start writing them down. The idea started there and has evolved from a list on my phone to an ever growing compilation of restaurants, parks, excursions, museums, shops and resources. As my list grew I thought, why not share it? Why not create a digital publication? A kind of Parents (Yellow) Pages.

I posted on social media that I wanted tried and trusted recommendations and have had tons of replies. I am particularly keen to have a resources section, something that blogs and websites may not cover. A section dedicated to useful resources such as counselling, life coaches, mental health experts, money advice, breast feeding clinics, helplines, grief and bereavement services, charities, benefits advice, disability groups, family law, domestic violence support etc. This to me is far more important than kid-friendly cafes although we all know how handy it is to have one on the doorstep.

I am also very keen to include a section for Dad’s because I feel that parenthood may be the one place where the ‘male’ gets forgotten about and/or isn’t prioritised and while I would quite like to destroy the patriarchy, Dad’s need support too. The world needs happy, healthy parents so it doesn’t work to exclude the boys from support systems.

So, if you have any suggestions to include from a great day out, where to get freebies or a community hub, please let me know. There are no bad ideas, I only ask that you can vouch for wherever you suggest. Or if you have a business or run a service and think it should be included, please give me a shout.

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