100+ Ideas To Keep A Family Sane While The World Is On Lockdown

It seems as though there will come a time soon where we will be forced either into self isolation, home schooling or at least practice some heavy social distancing. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of ideas to keep us sane. The prospect of a month (or more, eek!) couped up with children is a bit daunting so I’m hoping this list will help us all pass the time without too much blood shed.This list isn’t exhaustive. Much like the brain it came from there are undoubtedly some gaps. It is largely focused on primary aged children (and younger) and based on having zero contact with people outside your home.I have tried to make it both as eco and as budget friendly as possible, while also not requiring too much effort or ‘special stuff’ to get each idea off the ground. We’re skint, lots of people are, so having to buy stuff is a no-no for me and may not even be possible in the next few weeks anyway.I realise it reads as very wholesome but please rest assured we will be watching TV, I’m not trying to pretend we won’t. We love our TV and I have a feeling TV and our tablet will be a bit of a saving grace for us, as with many families across the globe. There’s no shame in a bit of ‘lazy parenting’ to save your sanity. Mental health is going to take a bit of a hit over the next couple of months so do what you need to, to keep you and your family happy.See you on the other side and please let me know how you get on and whether you found this post useful.

Indoor Activities

Choreograph a dance
Wash toys/animals or dinosaurs etc in a tub or bowl
Quiet reading time
Story writing
Treasure hunt
Build a den
Draw a head outline on card or paper and then attach strips of string or wool – let your little one cut the hair.
Counting objects
Create a lego city
Make a fairy door
Paper plate crafts
Make a photo album
Board games
Make your own playdough
Make slime
Draw hands on card/paper and let your little one colour the nails.
Make magic wands
Make a band with pots + pans
Write letters to relatives/friends
Blow up balloons + keep them in the air
Tie-dye clothes
Use free online learning resources like TwinkleRecycled crafts / box craftsPuzzles
Cutting out shapes
Draw a face on card/paper and let your little one do the ‘make up’ with pens, pencils, chalk or crayons.
Paint with potatoes
Pillow fight
Make a shadow theatre using a sheet and cut-out card shapes
Make life sized paper bodies and learn about what’s inside our skeleton
Facetime/video call family + friends
Practise still life art – draw fruit etc
Indoor cinema
Musical Statues
Colour hunt -find as many items of one colour as possible
Paper Mache
Learning time
Learn a magic trick
Face painting
Play schools
Play cafes
Dress up
Make a time capsule
Learn to sign
Write a menu for the week
Set up a nail salon
Sort out stuff for charity + talk about why we help other people
Set up a vet clinic for stuffed toys
Learn a foreign language
Learn to code
Simon Says
Make bath bombs
Pillow fight
Make a hanging mobile from recycling
Make an ancestry map
Make a film
Make a macrame wall hanging with a stick from the garden and some wool
Write a poem
Make a memory box
Learn about other cultures
Explore different religions
Kinetic sand
Decorate windows with chalk pens Explore food + how it helps your body
Make a feelings chart and discuss the importance of understanding them
Play detectives: write clues and solve the riddle
Make lists of how we can help people in our neighbourhood/globally
Create a family ideas/suggestions box
IPad/tablet/games console time
TV time


Path chalk art
Treasure hunt
Make a bug hotel
Go on a bug hunt
Eye spy phonics
Pebble art
Build a den
Splash in puddles
Tracing / rubbing architecture, trees, stones, walls with paper and chalk/crayons/pencils
Go for a walk
Go or a bike ride
Cook mud pies
Piggy in the Middle
Study insects
Make an assault course
Make art from garden items i.e. leaves
Press flowers
Make a kite
Make bird feed balls
Make flower crowns
Paddling pool
Go on a scooter ride
Gruffalo hunt
Make smores
Make flower/plant mobile
Garden camping
Explore the woods
Gold pan / sift for treasure in a brook
Make a potion with foraged items
Go for a jog
Photograph nature
Wash the car
Deliver letters to neighbours asking if they need help or simply saying ‘hi’
Mini garden festival
Make a mosaic
Hula hooping
Grow fruit + vegetables
Blow bubbles
Play pirates and shark infested seas
Set up a bike wash
Science – Launch a bottle rocket
Groom your pet
What’s The Time Mr Wolf?
Be Archeologists and uncover a fossil – hide dinosaurs in ice and get the children to unpick them with tools
Water the garden (if appropriate)
Water a neighbours garden
Paint the shed/fence/patio (with brushes and water)
Backyard boot camp
Ball games
Go on a fairy hunt in the woods
Go through the car wash
Water fight
Hop Scotch
Bury a time capsule
Find an empty beach and feel the sand between your toes.

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