Week Two of a UK wide lockdown. What have we learned?

Well, we’ve learned that we actually enjoy the new slower pace at which the world is turning. It suits us better.

We’ve also learned that we can adapt, and fast. Life within our household, like many across the globe, has changed dramatically but instead of going into a state of panic or sinking into a pit of despair, we have altered our way of living accordingly. Instead of ‘where are we going today?’, we are asking what can we do with what we’ve got? Can we make something, build something, write a song?

The kids are missing their family and friends and of course we are too but we’ve spoken to them honestly and gently about the Pandemic and they’ve got a pretty good grasp of what’s going on and how we need to change our normal to help fix things.

Fortunately we are privileged enough to own smart phones, meaning we can see whomever we want, whenever we want. We stay connected. Our friends pass by our house when they take their daily exercise and we chat through the windows. At a distance. Safe, but still connected.

We’ve had chats with Teddy’s classmates and Teacher on Zoom and Houseparties (the app, not real ones) with friends and family. While the world may be in lockdown, I honestly feel that in many ways we are now more connected. Yes, we’d love to give people a hug and share a drink or two but real effort is being made to keep relationships thriving in these most unusual circumstances and I feel like that is a real positive.

We are realising the value of our friends and family and those in our wider circles. We are noticing the unsung heroes of society. We are re-evaluating what is and (more importantly) isn’t essential to our living and by and large, the thing we crave most is human connection.

We have also grown increasingly more aware of our privilege as a family. Lockdown for us has genuinely been rather enjoyable. Don’t misunderstand, there’s been turmoil (that I won’t get into) but within our four walls, on a day-to-day basis, we’ve enjoyed ourselves. We have a garden which in itself is a huge privilege that makes lockdown infinitely more tolerable. We have a decent home, it’s not huge but we have plenty of space so as not to be on top of one another. We have food. We have enough money to pay our bills, for now. These are not things to underestimate. They make our lockdown much less stressful than some.

Teddy has been asking why this is happening and why the Pandemic is taking hold the way that it is. We’ve talked about how small the world is, misinformation, the media, social economics and politics, to which he replied, unprompted, ‘Mummy, why did people vote Tories when they don’t look after people?’

How do I answer that?

The world is nuts right now but within these four walls we are working it out and making it work, while strengthening our bonds and changing our lifestyle for the better.

Check in next week because who knows what week 3 will hold for us? I’ve been chopping my hair off bit by bit each day since lockdown started… I might have gone full Britney and shaved my whole head by then.

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