Safety Bubble – Week Three

What can I say about week three?

Well, being British, we better start with the weather. It’s been incredible and has made our lockdown so much easier. It has also made me that much more conscious of the fact the having a home with a garden is a huge privilege.

As I’ve said before this last year has been really hard for us financially but we’ve managed to cling onto our home. Sitting in the garden the last few days has made it all worth it. I can only imagine how much harder lockdown is for those who don’t have access to a garden.

It gives us all space from each other. I can send the kids out for five minutes and sit indoors with a cuppa and reset my brain. It works. It’s massively helpful.

We don’t have to worry that the Police will want to know where we’re going and make a judgement on whether they think it’s appropriate.

We don’t have to worry about how much time we spend outside, there’s no limit on playing in the garden, nor do we have to worry about bumping into someone who is infected.

Our garden is our haven.

From the safety bubble of our back garden, with the sun shining down upon us, it is almost possible to forget what is happening just outside the gate. But I don’t want to forget. I’m grateful that my kids have that sense of security because they are too little to worry about a Pandemic but I don’t want to forget what healthcare professionals and key workers are doing for us. To forget is disrespectful of their sacrifice.

I don’t want to forget our privilege and how fortunate we are to be living in a blossom-tree cocoon in this time and when this is all over, you are all welcome to come over for a beer. We’d love to share one with you.

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