Black Mirror World

Week Seven of Lockdown.

Rewind to New Year’s Eve when you were making resolutions and imagining how 2020 would look for you. Is this what you pictured?

If Mystic Meg had predicted that the whole world would be forced into isolation for weeks on end, almost overnight, with the military on the streets and scientists working tirelessly to create a vaccine for an invisible killer, you would’ve laughed it off as being too much like an episode of Black Mirror. Side bar – if you haven’t ever watched Black Mirror, now is the perfect time to binge.

What were your goals for 2020 before the world went t*ts up?

Is lockdown making them easier or harder to reach?

I had hoped that this year would see me finally get a few important things straight in my (our) life.

Firstly, I wanted to spend more time with friends and family. The Universe had a good laugh at that one. However we are fortunate that this has happened in 2020 and not twenty years ago when the world wasn’t quite as small as it is now. Technology allows us to maintain relationships via video call such a Facetime or Zoom. We can be part of one another’s lives in real time, meaning we don’t miss the important moments, entirely.

Secondly, I wanted to prioritise my health. It isn’t quite working out. I’m not someone who can get motivated about working out at home. I wish I was. I need to leave the house to exercise. It’s stupid but true. The Bearded Manc is working 70-90 hours a week so there isn’t much chance of leaving the house. But I’m not worrying about this particular aim. We are eating really well and having a daily disco and that’s good enough for now.

The third change I wanted to make to our lives was to reduce our debts. We’ve had a horrendous 12 months financially and really need to take back control of our money. It is important to talk about and prioritise debt in order to get on top of it. Thankfully, lockdown is making sure that we aren’t spending much money. Our trip to Butlins is cancelled, we don’t need petrol and days out consist of a walk around the block or local parks, all of which is free so we aren’t spending money where we usually would. We are also changing the way we think about what we need in our life courtesy of this enforced isolation and that is going to help us control our spending in the future. A new mindset will help build a more secure future for our family.

The last thing I was hoping to achieve this year was to get my teaching assistant training underway, all the while finding an actual part-time job that fits around the kids. Obviously this cannot happen right now but there must be work out there which fits with our unique situation and as soon as all this is over, I’m going to find it and finally re-enter the world after so long of being a stay-at-home Mum.

Our children are coping extremely well with lockdown. They haven’t needed stuff. They aren’t craving expensive days out. We are able to live a much slower life than we were doing, and to be perfectly honest, we enjoy this pace of life more and in the long run it has to be better for us all. Surely?

The earth is repairing and maybe in some ways, we, as people are too. It is a tragedy that it has taken the loss of so many lives to change our way of life. I hope that as a society we are able to carry some of these small changes to the way we live, forward into the new world.

I hope we slow down.

I hope we are less greedy.

I hope we love more and prioritise relationships.

I hope we build our communities back up.

I hope we place importance on people not profits.

I hope we build something better than what we’ve left behind. It was broken.

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