Lockdown Diaries. Week 8.

By now we’ve had enough time to get used to the new world. We’ve gone through the initial ‘panic’ phase and the ‘how will life work’ phase, followed by the ‘bake banana bread’ phase, through to the ‘I’m bored’ phase.

I’m currently in the ‘what will we do when the time comes’ phase.

There are many things I want to do when lockdown lifts, like a night out without kids where I get to behave like an idiot and eat a dirty pizza on my way home or visit the babies that have been born in this crazy time or go on a road trip, but when it comes down to it, there are just three things I need to do first to make myself and my family feel whole again.

First things first. We need to visit my Mum, Nutty Nanny. She is the person my babes consistently ask to see and the one it hurts them to live without. As it is, they haven’t seen her since Christmas, she was meant to come in March but was already ill by that point. Five months might as well be 500 years to a small child. After Nutty Nanny, they are desperate to see Nanny Irene, Grandad Smokes and a couple of friends. They love lots of people but they need a select few.

After the hugs we need an adventure. We must get some sand under our toes. Like many people, our holiday is cancelled. It was only going to be 4 days at Butlins, but for us that’s a lot. It’s all we can afford and all we need. We have the best time and the kids have been looking forward to it for 9 months. Telling them it was canceled was a bit crushing but they took it so well and understand why. It’s also just a holiday, so as nice as it would be, it wouldn’t be right to moan about the loss of a holiday when people are losing their lives. But, once it is safe to do so, we will be heading straight for the British seaside, even if only for an afternoon, to blow the cobwebs away. You can’t beat it- sea air, sand, a bag of chips to be fought over with the seagulls, a tub of pennies to fill the slot machines and an ice cream on the promenade.

Then, because we’re British and I grew up working class, we’ve gotta have what my Nan would call ‘a knees up’. A party if you don’t speak ‘common’. As soon as it is right to do so. It has to be safe for everyone but when it is, the doors will be open and everyone is welcome. Bring crisps, bring beer, bring gin, bring your kids. Bring a hug.

I will miss the quiet and the calm of our lives as it is now but I do look forward to the day we can see our loved ones and build sandcastles on a balmy, summer’s day.

What are you looking forward to? What will you miss?

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