It Was Never Enough

Lockdown week number…..erm….who knows.

With the prospect of lockdown restrictions loosening somewhat and children returning to school comes the question, what will the future look like?

One thing I do know is that my internal world is changing. I am becoming more vocal. This week has made me realise that whilst I am always trying to be a good person and helping others where possible, that simply isn’t enough anymore. It isn’t enough.

It was never enough.

I’ve been complacent in my outrage and complacency is complicity.

I will not be complacent anymore.

I am taking what I have, white skin, a voice, social media and turning good intentions into direct action.

I don’t have the money to help fight injustice with big donations but I can call others to.

I can educate myself.

I can shout.

I can use my body as a barrier.

I can read.

I can sign petitions.

I can write letters.

I can stand with someone when they are being attacked.

I can film and document.

I can question my role in the race-machine.

I can love.

I can call-out friends, family, neighbours, strangers, colleagues.

I can march.

I can talk with my children about race and racism and ensure that their education is rich with understanding and history.

I can hold their hand and guide them towards a world where as adults they will stand for human rights.

I can check for the cracks where the insidious poison seeps into my home.

This week may mark the loosening of lockdown but for me it will always be the week of assault and fire and death and oppression and brutality.

It will always be the week a man cried for his Mum while begging to breathe.

Here’s a list of resources and ways to help if you are interested and if you aren’t then this is where we part ways.

*Resources taken from @manchestermarch on Instagram but I’m not sure if this is the original source*

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