Big Boys Cry

My boy,

It’s ok to cry.

It’s ok to be scared.

It’s ok to need me.

It’s ok not to know how you feel.

It’s ok to need support.

It’s ok to be sad.

It’s ok to not be masculine.

It’s ok to be feminine.

It’s ok to like flowers.

It’s ok not to be brave.

It’s ok to be vulnerable.

It’s ok to be confused.

It’s ok not to like cars.

It’s ok not to be muscular.

It’s ok not to like sports.

It’s ok to like boys.

It’s ok to dance.

It’s ok to be different.

It’s ok to wear dresses.

It’s ok to be emotional.

It’s ok to cuddle.

It’s ok to be compassionate.

It’s ok to stand up for your sister.

It’s ok to call out the other boys for the way they treat girls.

It’s ok to be loving.

It’s ok to be monogamous.

It’s ok to be quiet.

It’s ok to be shy.

It’s ok to be flamboyant.

It’s ok to be in love.

It’s ok if you’re not smart.

It’s all ok.

And if it’s not?

Talk to me.

Come to me.

There’s nothing taboo where you are concerned.

What’s not ok is keeping painful secrets that make your heart and head hurt.

What’s not ok is bottling it up.

What’s not ok is hiding feelings with a display of masculinity because men don’t get sad.

Men get sad, it’s human.

It takes strength to show our full self to someone.

Don’t ever be afraid alone.

Talk to me baby.

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