About Me & Contact Info

What can I tell you about me? Well, my name is Ella and I am a Southerner living in Manchester. Wife to a heavily bearded, tattooed Mancunian and Mummy to the incredible Bunni & Bear.

I am in no way qualified to call myself a ‘blogger’. I am not massively computer-y (that’s a word, right?) nor intelligent (see previous brackets). I am neither extremely witty nor wise and I am definitely not the sort of immaculately presented babe you normally see on a blog. More’s the pity. How do you do that ladies? Please do tell.

What I am is a Mum, first and foremost, and I thought I’d spend some of those infamous sleepless nights, relieving creative frustrations by waffling away online. It’s either that or Pinterest.

I am not here to portray the perfect life of the perfect family in the perfect house. It’s just us, living our wonderfully average life and  everything that comes with it. From days out to trials and tribulations, small victories and our ever-evolving journey as a funny little family of four.

Contact info:

Email: dollydaydreamsdiary@hotmail.com

Facebook: Dolly Daydreams Diary

Instagram: @dollydaydreamsdiary